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One Strategy. One Team.

a roundtable of advisors aligned by a single plan

A common challenge in the field of wealth management is the misalignment of goals and strategies among the professionals advising the client. Simply put, advisors often don’t talk to each other. Over time, our experience has demonstrated that there were gaps, or contradictions, in the advice that our clients were receiving from their various advisors that created potentially harmful circumstances. In order to address those gaps, we created the Round Table of Advisors.

At the heart of this approach is a single strategy, created to reflect your unique goals. Through Round Table meetings, and constant communication, we strive to ensure that the advice from all of your counselors is coordinated to achieve your objectives.

The process breaks down the silos that sub-optimize your overall financial performance. We work closely with CPAs, Business Managers, Insurance Advisors, Real Estate Advisors, Tax Advisors — aligning needs and expectations with a single focus. The results far exceed the product of even the best professionals working in isolation.

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