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About Us

An uncommon approach to wealth management

MGO Wealth Advisors helps high-net-worth individuals and families to grow and protect their financial legacy. Our unique approach and proximity to Southern California media centers has positioned our firm as a leading choice for athletes, artists, entertainers and industry executives. Our success is rooted in three key principles:

The Discipline of Wealth Management

We understand that wealth management is a distinct discipline, with a deep body of knowledge, proven tools, processes and best practices. There are no shortcuts. No silver bullets. Success comes from understanding and applying the very best ideas in the field. more >>>

Listen. Understand. Plan. Execute.

Everything we do begins with a clear understanding of our client’s unique needs and aspirations. This understanding drives the planning and execution of a highly tailored financial strategy. more >>>

One Strategy. One Team.

Our unique holistic approach aligns the independent elements of our clients’ financial matters with a single strategy managed by a Roundtable of Advisors. more>>>

We understand that with wealth comes responsibility, complex challenges and constantly changing variables. Strategically evaluating and mapping solutions requires us to maintain a strong ongoing relationship with our clients and to seek out creative means to capitalize on opportunities and negotiate challenges. We strive to work on our clients’ behalf in order to honor their life’s work in terms of the legacy that speaks to their character, ethics, family and community. more >>>